Truck City Ford Quick Service

(512) 312-0800


The guys at Truck City Ford provide very good service. I recently had my 2011 F250 truck in for a problem that was not covered under warranty. Barry went the extra mile and got on the phone with Ford to see if they would help me out since my truck was also dealer serviced since new. The result was Ford covering some of the repair cost as a customer good will/loyalty gesture. These days it is rare to find a company that will go the extra mile for their customers. This extra effort has earned Truck City my customer loyalty and I will not hesitate to recommend them to others. When I purchased my truck a few years ago, Eddie and Bob, in sales, were great to deal with and would have also gone to bat for me if I needed it this time. They are very diligent about ensuring a customer receives good service even after the sale. I would recommend you ask for either one of them if you are looking to purchase a new truck.

- Adam Gouge